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NYC Skyline BW

Our Projects

Floor plans for electrical routing

Building plan capture to showcase electrical and low voltage cable runs. 

FWRRH Plan_edited.jpg

Mechanical Drafting Support   Subsea Project 2

Mechanical assembly and drawings of subsea eductor assemblies. 


Architectural Drafting Support    Gaming

Slot machine layout and customer path configuration


Mechanical Drafting Support   Subsea Project 1

Mechanical drafting taking prelimiary engineering sketches and transforming them into a full drawing package ready for manufacturing 

Hull patch_edited.jpg

Mechanical Drafting Support   Subsea Project 3 (Ship repair)

Patch plans were received via scanned document. Our team modeled and produced the drawings for manufacturing. 


Modeling and Drafting Support

Modeling support for reservoir dam and bulkhead repair

VIEW ISO_edited.jpg
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